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Who is Truly Tea?

Located in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia, Truly Tea is recognised as one of Australia’s premier boutique tea suppliers. Truly Tea designs and blends teas and tisanes which has rewarded Truly Tea the a reputation of being the industry bench mark in Quality teas.

Truly Tea use of only quality ingredients with an environmental responsibility has seen Truly Tea products in demand both domestically and internationally.

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Truly Tea Boutique Teas

With a strong focus on tradition and high quality clean green ingredients, Truly Tea sources it teas, dried fruits and herbs in Australia and around the world to ensure only the highest quality ingredients produced under ethical standards are used to produce Truly Teas quality tea and tisane blends.

All our products are sustainably sourced.

No added Colourings, Sugar, artificial flavourings. Some products have fructose due to the dried fruits used.

Vegan friendly, children safe.

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Truly Tea Ice Tea Range

Truly Tea has developed an exciting Ice Tea range which is children friendly i.e. no added sugar, no added flavourings, no added colourings.

Our Ice Tea range also doubles a perfect cocktail base with flavours available to complement your cocktail of choice.

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Truly Tea Wellness Tea Range

Our wellness range has been developed through the study of Eastern cultures use of herbs and teas to compliment well-being. Western cultures are now actively learning about these benefits while also enjoying Truly Teas refreshing healthy drinks.

Truly Tea has developed ranges using ingredients that compliment each other to help target and relieve symptoms such as menopause, insomnia, inability to lactate for new mothers to name a few.

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Truly Tea Black Tea Range

Truly Tea has developed an extensive, complex array of black teas using only the finest of ingredients. The range includes the more traditional blends while also developing new blends with exciting complementary flavour profiles.

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Truly Tea Green Tea Range

Truly Tea’s green tea range is in excess of 15 different blends and we sample these with pride. The range complements Teas eastern heritage while also delivering modern twists to suit every green tea connoisseur.

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