Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

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As the name suggests, this heavenly tea tastes just like the sweet. Brew for more than 2 minutes and the flavour changes every 20 seconds or so as the Hibiscus flowers start to emerge. Enjoy it hot or iced. I love this blend.


You can enjoy this tissane hot or iced and for an added sweetness, simply stir in some honey. Only a small amount is needed per cup as Hibiscus has quite an intense flavour. Hibiscus Flowers are very effective for those suffering high blood pressure.


A heavenly blend of Hibiscus, Strawberry and Rose.


High Blood Pressure


This tea takes a fraction of the time to infuse, around 20-30 seconds only.

Don't waste the leaves, put them aside and make your 2nd or 3rd cup or keep using until the flavour is diminished.

Try it iced with a little sugar syrup or caster sugar if you like a sweeter drink, or can be enjoyed hot on a cold evening snuggled under a blanket.

Add frozen strawberries and enjoy.