For centuries people from all over the world have been drinking Chamomile tea for medicinal purposes.

To prepare your Chamomile Tea simply steep in nearly boiled water for 3-5 minutes and enjoy.

A few benefits you may encounter are:-

Soothing your tummy

Spasms and cramps are common complaints. Chamomile has potent anti-spasm effects and can alleviate stomach cramps and discomfort.

PMS and menstrual cramping

The muscle relaxant effects of Chamomile can offer pain relief for a cramping tummy and provide a calming effect for pre menstrual stress. Drinking chamomile tea also boosts the mood and helps soothe nerves.

Immunity boost

Chamomile tea boosts levels of hippurate which are known to provide antibacterial activity. This assists the body in fighting infections. Chamomile tea is often consumed for fighting the common cold.

Improved skin


The antibacterial properties help improve your skin’s appearance and also calm inflamed and sensitive areas. Simply make a paste of brewed chamomile tea with coarse cornflower or cornmeal. Apply this to your face and allow it to dry. Then use a soft cloth and gently scrub it off. This soothes the skin and helps heal sores.

 Sleep Aid

Many people enjoy their cup of Chamomile tea prior to going to bed. As Chamomile relaxes the body and calms stress it is the perfect relaxant to enjoy before tucking up in bed with a good book.

Chamomile also tastes good, so why not enjoy a cup today.

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